Sunday, January 11, 2009

Elhers Danlos

I am going to see a Rheumatologist on the 20th to find out if I have EDS. I think in my last post I was feeling pretty good. Funny how things can change. My hands hurt my fingers,wrists and my left elbow are a mess these days. My left elbow area hurts so much that I am not able to completely straighten my arm out and fingers feel best if I just curl my fingers up in to almost a fist.I also have noticed mostly in my left arm that when driving or using the arm alot I have a burning like sensation in my forearm. I do bruise easliy and I find that my fingers bend or are more flexible than my moms,son and husband. On some of the EDS sites you can pull up they will show pictures and I am able to do the things they show in the pictures. I am assuming that isn't good. I don't know but I guess we will soon find out.
My job is going better. Shelley (my boss) and I had a nice talk and worked everything out. I do know that I do at this point have a job to go back to after my TC surgery. As far as my TC goes I am still daily dealing with that awful pull like feeling I have in my head and neck.I feel like it does to some extent affect my range of motion.When my neck is tight it is very uncomfortable to turn to the right.My feet are still painful.Mostly my right arch and of course the low back pain.
We have been packing when and what we can. We will be moving to my moms the end of Feb. Surgery is 2 weeks after that.
Michael got a nice raise at work.We feel very blessed by that because so many are lossing their jobs. Going to my moms isn't the ideal situation but we also feel blessed there because so many are lossing their homes and have no where to go.This move is going to allow all of us to pay off some credit cards and in the end save some money.
I hope everyone is well.