Monday, October 27, 2008

39 and can't spell

Did you all catch that last post heading where I spelled happy wrong???
Must be my age.

Happt birthday


Have a great pain free day every one.


Monday, October 20, 2008

deep heat massage

Dr.Oro sent me a script for some PT. I need to find the time to look over insurance and figure out where to go.
I have decided that although I am not happy about having so much time off with out pay~it maybe a good thing for me to just have some time to rest and be off my feet.
I spoke with another chiarian yesterday and she has put together a support group for us chiarians in Missouri. We are going to be meeting in Jefferson city for lunch November 8th.I am very excited about this.Different things have happened since the decompression surgery and I feel like I have just maybe lost my way so I am looking forward to gettng back to my God and my chiari family and friends.
Michael and I are looking at doing a Herbalife program to maybe take off some weight. He is a diabetic so it is important for him and I am hoping taking off a few pounds would maybe give me more time before I just have to have the TC surgery.
Blessing to you all,

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I am feeling better. Very tired but better.
Monday night that thing that happens to some of us once a month ~came to visit me and my back~OMG!!! It was awful.I think I got about 2 hours sleep.I ended up back on the vicodin for the first time since the decompression surgery.
I left work a little early yesterday and just came home and relaxed.Michael re-filled my prescription of Flexiril so I am praying for a good day. I think stress played a role in everything coming to a head Saturday. Although I enjoy my new job they didn't tell me that they would be out of town a week out of every month for the next 3 months and I would be off WITHOUT pay. I need an income people!!
Anyway,I am even dealing with that a little better now.
I called or shall I say I e-mailed Kim and Dr.Oro yesterday and just asked short of the tethered cord surgery what if anything I could do about the "pull" in my head and neck and the back pain. Kim e-mailed right back and said my file was just put on Dr.O's desk and she would get back with me by Friday. She said she knew I had been struggling for a long time.She was very nice.I will keep you posted on what they say.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Not sure what is going on

I am having a really rough day.Very emontional.
I have had so many symptoms of my chiari come back this week and today it just came to a head and I can't seem to stop crying.
I almost feel like I need a babysitter this week and how funny is that ~ I am the baby sitter.
I had been doing good.I really enjoy my nanny job so I am kinda hoping that because I have been off this week and had so much down time that that maybe why things are going crazy.
My rapid heartbeat has been coming to visit about once a day,certainly not as often as it was before surgery but it is back for the first time in the 4 months since surgery.The brain fog is pretty bad,forgetfulness,desicion making,headache (3 headaches this week and not because rain is moving in)and it feels like my throat is swelling and there are pills or something stuck in there.
Trying to concentrate on re-reading this entry is awful. I can't describe these weird feelings.
Any way I just wanted to whine.
If any one reads this advice would be great.