Monday, June 30, 2008

not the med's

I checked the medications I am on and none of them say anything about staying out of the sun. I am no longer on any med's from the surgery so I thought I was ok.
I am feeling better today from the sunburn.The daycare darlings have been great and not all over me so it hasn't been a problem.
I have a childcare interview in just a little while. The leasing manager here at the apartment complex needs a sitter for her son so I hope I am able to help her out. With Nicole moving any time I am afraid to get to comfortable with the darlings I have. She put her house on the market Saturday so we will see what happens.I am interested to see how fast it moves. Things aren't selling to fast here right now.
I am feeling good. 4 weeks tomorrow.Has any one not gone to the Dr. for the 2 month follow -up?I'd like to think I could put it off but I am sure I shouldn't. Not really knowing about the spinal lipoma and many other things going on in my lower back I know I need to check in with Dr.Oro.
The hand tingling seems to be gone for now.I didn't notice it at all over the weekend.
Michael is good. He only has to work 3 days this week due to the 4th of July.We have no plans for the 4th.Sierra will be working late.Her dad,grandma and 2 uncle's are partners in a fireworks stand and have been for 27 years.I put in my 8 years while married to Scott. So needless to say I am not real crazy about fireworks.Heck, I'm the one that can't open a can of biscuts because the POP freaks me out.I can hardly believe I spent 8 years so close to fireworks - all of which POP. The one benifit~Josh,Jayme and I haven't ever had to pay for fireworks if we want them.Scott always does seem happy to fix us up!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

check out the sunburn

The company picnic was great. I am just paying for it now with this nice sunburn.I am all red and swollen but so far no blisters. I didn't really even think I was in the sun that much. I never burn so what's up with this??!!
I did make it to church and to the store today but I am doing nothing the rest of the day.
The real bad part of this is the sun I got on the back of my neck and on part of the incision that is not yet covered by hair.
Sierra got home from Idaho last night.She went straight to Chuckies so I haven't even seen her yet.At least I know she is safe and back in our home state right?!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

so far so good

Doing ok so far today. I wasn't real sure how the day was going to be this morning. I started out with an awful lot of hand pain and tingling.Although it is still there it isn't as bad.I hate it because it was the first thing I noticed that was gone after surgery and now it is back.I would like to think it has something to do with my job but I'd be using my hands doing most anything.
I had a wine cooler last night~first time since surgery.Boy it was good!! It was so hot out though that I started swelling right up so I just had the one.
I think I am going to try to go to the company picnic with Michael. It isn't often that I do get out and do things and when I do it is usually with church and since I will see them Sunday I thought I would try the company picnic. It looks like it will be in the low 80's and if I get to hot I suppose I can always do the dunk tank. Ha!
No more news so far on the daycare darlings and moving to Mexico.Are there some area's there that are safe? If so why did he come here in the first place? 3 times!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

day 3 of work

Things seem to be going well here with the daycare darlings back after my being off for 3 weeks.
I'm feeling fine and not feeling like I've come back to work too soon.Just alot of tingling in my hands and feet.
Sierra got where she needed to be safely the other night. I think she is looking to be back home on Saturday.
It kinda seemed like I went back to work and things went crazy. The situation with Sierra and this one~Nicole one of the mothers I provide care for-she has the 3 kids I watch~her husband (only been married about 1 year) is being deported.He was caught being here for the 3rd time last Thursday and is in jail now waiting for the bus to take him to the border on Friday.
The last 2 times he has paid what they call a coyote to sneak him back in this country.I guess they aren't going to do that this time they are putting the house they have here on the market and they are all going to move to Mexico.I hate to see the kids go but they have to do what they feel is right.I have no idea how much time I have with the kids.Houses aren't moving very fast here so we shall see what happens.I hope they will be safe and I hope I can find some kids to love when they do go.
I called the place that has done all of my MRI's to get a replacement one of my spine for Dr.Oro.It is going to cost either $10 for a cd or $10 per sheet for the films.I took the cd. I hope to get some answers about this spinal lipoma and other things going on in my lower back. Once we decide I am ok I need to find out about getting my kids checked out.I pray they are ok.
We have 2 pinics to go to this weekend.Michael's company picnic is Saturday at 11 and a church pincic Saturday at 5. We are in the 90's here so I am thinking I should pick one or the other to go to and not try both.
I pray everyone is doing well.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Grandpa has passed and Sierra is on a plane on her way to Idaho BY HERSELF.She seemed ok with it,I however am very nervous. Please pray for a safe flight for her and kind people to help her.
It has been a very crazy,busy day.I never realized how much I really moved around in this small space with these daycare darlings.I am flat pooped.I hope I will hear from Sierra tonight upon getting to where she needs to be and I can get some sleep.
I am trying to convince myself fixing dinner tonight is a good idea.Not only have I not worked in 3 weeks I really haven't cooked either and we really need to start watching Michaels diabetes so I know I must.
Other than being tired and having some anxiety the only other thing going on is a bit of pain at the incision site.I felt that was pretty good with it being the first day back.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

going back to work tomorrow

I think I really went back to work this weekend.
Friday night Jayme (step-daughter) came and stayed with us and so did Kaleb. I watched Kaleb for a long time.He was about 4 months when I started with him and he is now 4.Although I don't keep him now during a work week we like to have him once in a while on the weekends so this was the weekend.We also had Christian.His mommy had some things she needed to take care of so we gladly had him too.I feel like I haven't slept in a long time.I think I may of been ok had I not had a baby in my bed.Oh well,I can always rest later right?
We went swimming and out to eat and have just played alot this weekend.
On a sad note~Sierra's grandpa (her real dad's dad) is hangin on to life.He went to the hospital for internal bleeding which led them to find out he had a tumor on or in his colon. After removing it he became very ill with a staph infection.He ended up needing to be moved from one hospital to another and is now in a coma. Scott (sierra's dad) is going to be heading to Idaho-where grandpa is- tonight but we are financially unable to get Sierra there.Keep her in your prayers please!
So, in my free time this weekend I have been reading and going over my spinal MRI~ya know the one Dr.Oro's office can't find. It doesn't say "tethered cord" it says-L3 and L4 disc levels have decreased signal and height as well as SPINAL LIPOMA.Also bulging annulus seen with mild neural foraminal encroachment and facet hypertrophy with fluid noted.
L4 and L5 says the same as well as lateral recess encroachment. What does this mean??
When I look up spinal lipoma I don't come with alot but what I have seen says it is in fact tethered cord or is a cause of tethered cord.
I have to go back and get another MRI cd and send it to Dr.Oro again so it is still going to be a bit of time before he goes over this and may not discuss it with me till I go in August for my 2 month post-op. I was really considering not going back at all and just having my family doctor order the MRI's Dr.Oro will want for my 2 month post-op but now I am reconsideing that just because I want to know what this spinal lipoma is.Any thoughts Lace??
Have a great week ya all.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

not taking the job

Well after "sleeping on it" and as excited as I was I have to tell you I am not going to be taking the job with Grandma's Catering.
First-After investigating more and talking to the owner of the company again I would have to do deliveries as there are people who don't want too who would be above me. We only have one vehicle so this is not a good thing.
Second-my parents were very sad and I think I may of been being selfish.
Third-a 5 to 600 cut in pay a month is not what we need right now especially not knowing my future with the tethered cord ect.
So,I think you all for the prayers and support but believe you will continue to support me.
I drove for the first time today.It really wasn't bad.The biggest thing is turning my head to see behind me when backing out.I went slow and had no trouble so I am happy about that since that is a big step just 2 weeks after surgery.
Going to the doctor tomorrow with Michael for his diabetic check up. Got lots of question cause I think things have gotten a little out of control for him while he has been taking care of me. No more eating out!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Guess what

I got the job!!!!

I don't know how I feel! I think I am in shock.
I haven't gone on an interview in over 10 years and the first one I go on I got it.It is 2 blocks from my apartment and the people there were so wonderful.I talked to the owner of the company for over an hour and he said"I am going to look you in the eye and tell you if you want the position you are hired" I than spoke with the manager and he said he agreed with David (the owner).
I have told 3 of the 4 daycare mommies.They are sad but say they understand.I think my saving grace there is the fact that the darlings have been with someone else for 3 weeks already.
Thanks for the prayers.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

prayers please

You all know I have lost my passion for my childcare business.

I have a job interview tomorrow. It is a little grandma's catering business not even a mile from me. I can pick morning hours or afternoon hours and full or part time.
Sounds to good to be true~ I know but I am going to go check it out tomorrow and see what happens.
God's will be done!!

Monday, June 16, 2008


I just want to vent a minute.

I am getting a little more than upset with Dr.Oro's office~
My very first visit with him was in April.At that time we walked out knowing I had chiari and he thought surgery was the best thing for me. My homework was to come home and have an entire spinal MRI and a pre-surgical physical done.May 4th I had the 2 hour MRI and sent it to his office as I was told too.I still can see the little box containing the cd MRI. 1 week later I had the physical which my family dr. sent him.I called 2 weeks later to make sure Dr.Oro recieved both the MRI and the letter from my doctor.They had staff changes so they would need to call me back.Stacey was no longer his nurse who I could direct my questions to but Renee now had that job-ok, no big deal.Renee said this is my first day can I take your info find the things you are asking about and call you back-Sure I am fine with that.Of course she didn't call back.Another week goes by and I have 2 weeks til decompressin surgery I need to know if those things I was told to get /do had gotten where the were supposed too.This time Renee says yes both things are here and I will put them on Dr.Oro's desk. GREAT!!! I can relax.
I get to my pre-op on June 2nd.After going over the surgery for the next day I want to know his take on the spinal MRI I sent him.He doesn't recall what I am talking about so I show him the written MRI report I have with me.As he reads he says"interesting -very interesting" I said "I have tethered cord don't I" his reply was YES.I looked at Michael and said "I told ya".Dr.Oro sat there for a minute and thought about changing the surgery we were doing for the following day and I said that is not what I had in the plans so let's do what we had planned and see if the decompression does anything for the tethered cord.Yeah yeah that's what we will do.He asked if he could have my MRI report copy and I asked that he copy it so I could hang on it what I had,he did and put a yellow sticky note on it for his office staff to find that MRI cd.
I saw him twice after surgery,I asked him twice about the cd before being released,the first time he says oh I don't think it is going to be anything.Upon leaving the hospital I asked him again about the cd-I think my staff found it it was in a manilla (sp) envelope.NO IT WASN"T!!! It was in a cute little cd box from the post office to mail cd's.
Ok.I have left it alone for a couple of weeks. I called last week to schedule my 2 month post-op.While talking to Teresa I asked about that cd.She was"going to get her hot little hands on it and call me right back.Thursday still hadn't heard a thing.
I called just now and spoke to Cindy.They still have no idea what I am talking about so now I get to pay for a copy of that cd since it is LOST.I will hand carry it to him in August when I go.
The other thing.I asked if the appointment was correct in August~ Yeah,I am supposed to go next door for MRI's at 2 but be at Dr.Oro's office at 2:30 to review those MRI's. Is that even possible???????

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Yes I have had brain surgery

I am showing you my shrit not my boobs.

I also got my staples out Friday!!! YEA.
I feel so much better just having done that.

Saturday I got out with Michael and went to the store,to rent some movies,tanning and I even did about 15 minutes of exercise.

Sunday~today I got out and went to church and now I am tired.
Oh it was so great to see everyone at church.I don't think I have ever hugged that many people before.Only 1 person hugged just a little to tight.
I think if asked today that yes this surgery has been a success. Yes,I would probably do it again.
The things that are still bugging me are the lower back pain,tingling in one foot and just basically having to still take it easy.
Saturday 3 of my little darlings came over to visit and I must say I am glad to be taking off another week.After about 45 minutes of them running around I was done.

Until next time!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

staples come out tomorrow

Doing pretty good so far today.
Getting the staples out tomorrow and I hope it will release some of the pulling I feel in the lower part of the incision.
I don't know what your weather is but boy we have had some stroms and my heart goes out to all these people displaced because of these tornado's and the flooding.
I got a phone call today from one of my daycare darlings mommies it seems Lily is having a hard time listening to the fill in babysitter and when Lily was asked why she wasn't listening mom was told"I don't like Angie~I want my Lolo back".
I needed that call-I know I am loved by those kids and I love them too so it helps in going back to work. sometimes I think I want to do something else or nothing at all and God let's ya know doesn't He?
I had a couple of e-mails today about an article in our local newspaper. A full story on a lady that lives not far from me who has chiari and tethered cord.She is going to TCI and they are going to film her surgery. Very cool that we are finally getting the word out.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

alone at last

I am finally home by myself!!! SSSSHHHH I better not say that to loud cause some one is sure to come "check " on me.
Doing about the same as yesterday. My headache is about a 3 today and not the 6 it was yesterday. I am still very upset at my stomach.This has me a bit confused because I didn't have stomach issue's before surgery.My headache is in the right side of my head more so today than yesterday. I have some lower back pain and my left foot is just tinglin away.
I am hoping some of this head pressure will be gone Friday once we get the staples out.
Michael and I talked and cryed and went for a ride last night.I just want to be so much better than I am right now.We know that in a couple of ways like as far as my hand pain the surgery has helped but in other ways I am not noticing any improvement yet.Yes,I know surgery was just last week. I expected more. Any way,I have this list of over 40 things that have been issues for me since the chiari,Michael and I deceided to print those things off on the computer and check them off as I am no longer feeling them so that I can see that things are changing.
Another thing that has us bugged- me of course more than him- is that I have not "felt" my job in a long time.I do not want to go back to work. For many years I have spent my life taking care of wonderful daycare darlings.There is no longer any passion in this for me it is just a paycheck that we need.On the flip side-we only have one form of transportation and Michael takes that daily,the kids come to me-I don't have to get out of the house in bad weather or heat,I can keep my place clean and still have the darlings here and I make good money so what is the problem??? I am wondering as I do if these things like only one car ect... are God telling me this is where He wants me and that I need to get over myself.
Any thoughts,feelings and or advice from you I would be greatly open too.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

not feelin soo groovey today

I don't know what is going on today but I can not shake this headache!!! It bugs me cause I was hopin to start feelin better not the same or worse.
I got out and went to my regular dr. yesterday.He said the incision looks good,still some swelling but good.We agreed to have the staples out Friday.
Michael went back to work today. They were very glad to see him. Maybe with getting out of the house yesterday and Michael not being here today that is why I am feelin yucky. Not sure but I must say I do have a HEADACHE. Feelin upset at my stomach as well. Just flat crappy. As far as even asking myself why I had the surgery ect... This too shall pass???
Sierra has been wonderful.I felt like I had to kick her out so she would go do something with her friends.Today she vacuumed and is doing laundry.She works tonight as she did last night.
I have been very blessed so I feel guilt for feeling bad ya know.
I think I will close not real sure what I am even carrying on about

Monday, June 9, 2008

going to the doctor

I am going to go to my regular doctor today.I feel that the incision site is warm and feel that I may still be having more pain than some. Of course I am new to this so I am going to question every little thing. Michael goes back to work tomorrow so I ~ we ~ thought it best to put our minds at ease.
I got a bit fussy with Michael this morning. Yesterday he was going to do several things for me and instead we ended up laying around all day so when I got up this morning and still those things weren't done but he was already in front of the t.v. I got a little upset. I stepped away and realized that my mouth was not needed I was able to aplogize and move on.
I hope you all have a good day.
I will let you know what the Dr. says

Sunday, June 8, 2008

priaire dogs

This one seems a little mad that we wanted his picture.
aren't they cute!!
Mom thought we should try to bring one home with us.

mom dad and me

This is us before surgery just outside the Crestwood Suites. See mom has on her Conquer Chiari t -shrit.

my before and after pictures

Although I already had very short hair here I am with my new Zipperhead.I have 18 staples. The incision is much smaller than we had thought we were going to need.Dr. Oro said I had very good tissue to work with.

doing ok I think.

Working on day 3 at home and I think things are going well.
I called Dr.Oro's office yesterday and asked about that "spot" he said it was ok and not anything he felt uncomfortable with and I guess if it were a CSF leak I would know it with the king sized headache I would have.
So just a couple of things I'd like to get off my chest. I am not having any pain in my arms or hands since surgery which is good but I do have a headache. I have a shooting pain headache when I sit down or stand up and than I guess just a constant pressure in the back of my head.Everything doesn't just go away right away huh????Should I be trying to wean myself off the pain med's he sent me home with??He gave me 30 percocet and 8 toradol for pain. And skelaxin for spasms.I have the whole body spasms when I am trying to go to sleep.It feels as if I am going to fall or something and I jerk myself and Michael awake.
Hopefully we will get some pictures on here today.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I have a question

I am doing ok this morning I think.Just one area of concern.After I got out of the shower and was kinda feeling around back there on my head I felt a sqwishy soft spot.Is this ok??????
I don't want to develpoe a spinal fluid leak but I also don't know what a CSF leak is any way. I just have a really soft spot back there and I don't know if it should be there. Any thoughts would be great!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

I am home

I am home and moving around like a little grandma.
So the trip to Colorado was uneventful.We got there Sunday early evening and had a relaxing night. I already said that at the pre-op Dr.Oro went over my spinal MRI that had been misplaced an he is thinking there is a good possibility of tethered cord.Something we are going to deal with later.
Anyway we got into some stroms last night coming home but Michael got us here safely about 1 am.I am feeling pretty good.Certainly not like someone who had brain surgery 3 days ago but also not like I'm ready to run around the block yet.
I don't feel like I have a headache it just feels tight in and around my neck area.I have 18 staples that will be removed next Friday.I think I will go crazy being off work the next 2 weeks but I know I have too.
Take care.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

going to the hospital

Fixin to take my morning pills with a LITTLE sip of water and we will be heading to the hospital.
My dad got here fine last night.Well I say fine~he got into a major hail strom in Kansas and had to pull over for a time.There is alot of damage on his truck. Oops and he came to Colorado for me.
We did dinner and had a nice time.He and my mom did fine.They have been divorced 38 years.
Mom and I came back to the room and dad and Michael went over and had a couple of drinks.
I tryed to sleep~sleep just wouldn't come.I had to stop eating and drinking at midnight so at 11 I was eating peanut M&M's and having a Dr.Pepper.
Anyway things are going as planned at this point we will worry about the tethered cord at some other time I suppose.
Michael will talk to ya all later today I hope.

Monday, June 2, 2008

tethered cord

Just got done with Dr.Oro and pre-op.
Guess what ? I have tethered cord too!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

we are on our way

We are on the road and Michael and mom are doing fine so far up front mind you we have only been driving for 15 minutes so far. Ha
Got a bit of sleep but nothing to really write home about.
I made peace with my step-mom yesterday so dad is happy. I guess after 16 years they don't plan on splitting up or anything and being a step mom myself I know it can be hard.
Talk to ya soon,