Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Happy holidays to you all.
This year has been full of ups and downs for us as I am sure it has been for many. Having said that I still have so much to be thankful for.
The rent situation here at the apartment has worked out and they have been kind enough to let us out of our lease so the end of Feb. we will be moving in with my mom.Not an ideal situation but it will be saving my mom and Michael and I about $500 per month.Joshua who lives with mom now is moving back home to his dad's in hopes of saving a little green as well. We will have the downstairs and mom of course is upstairs. I think we will be able to have the things we really need in the space downstairs so after TC surgery I hopefully won't need to go up the stairs for much of anything.
You all have read me talking about the Herbalife products Michael and I are taking~first as of yesterday I have lost 30 pounds~the bad news is that I posted about it on CCI and was banned from the site because they say I was selling for my own gain. I thought I was sharing something that has helped me lose weight since I don't exercise but they felt different so although it is sad they must do what they feel is right.
Sierra is doing pretty good. She still has back pain but right now they say to just keep taking vitamin D and come back in a couple of months if she doesn't feel better.She is moving in with Chuckie and his family when we move to my moms. She stays there alot so it won't be alot different for her.
Best wishes and health to you all.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not much time

Not much time to type before going to work.
I just wanted to share that Sierra's bone scan came back and it says ~no fracture of the L-5~ she says she thinks the vitamin D she is taking is helping a bit. We go back to the doctor this Friday and see where we go from here.
Things at work have gone from bad to worse although I am still there. I have never met people like this family. I hope this isn't the way all rich people are. I mean I am selfish I will admit but I would at least think they would have the best interest of the baby at heart. Maybe they do and I know I do so I guess that is why I am still there.
I bounced our rent check so we have to come up with $1060 today or face getting evected (sp).
I can only place all of this in the hands of the Lord cause I sure don't know what to do.
Stress has really affected my chiari and foot pain so please just pray for us. Pray also for others. There are so many others worse off than we are.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Just sharing

Hi all,
It has been a few days since I have posted so where shall I start?

Lace,I am happy to hear you are home and that you had little to no complications with the surgery thus far.
Sierra had the brain and lumbar MRI and we found out she has a fractures L-5?!!
How did that happen you may ask~we have no idea but it can explain some of her back pain. Because we aren't sure what is going on we had a bone scan done on Friday. The tech. says Sierra at almost 18 is still growing and he thinks that could explain some of her back and leg pain.Won't hear from our family doctor until Monday or Tuesday.Sierra said that Saturday night she had her worst leg cramp, pain,whatever it is that she has had since this pain has been going on.She says that rubbing the area does help relieve the pain but tylenol doesn't. I got the written report from the MRI and it doesn't say anything about tethered cord but neither did mine in plain english.I got her some joint support from Herbalife. I guess right now we are just at a wait and see point. I hate for our doctor to put her on narcotics but I also don't want her in pain. She is my drama queen too so I am just paying attention to see what I can make of this~so far~nothing.
I am doing pretty good. I of course still don't care for my nanny position~I love being a nanny~it is the family that is so hard to work for.However the way the world is right now I am thankful to have a job.
We have a couple new Herbalife customers. I am very excited about that.We haven't weighed for couple of weeks because everyone is so busy this time of year.But we are still very happy and passionate about Herbalife. Michael had a hard time with leg cramps at night so I may of mentioned he uses one of Herbalifes products called"Niteworks". From night 1 he has been free of leg cramps and able to sleep through the night. Well with the tethered cord my legs ache,tingle and my feet hurt especially the arches of my feet.I have been taking niteworks for a week now before bed and I can say the symptoms have clearly been reduced. I am sooo happy!
I will update about Sierra as soon as I know more.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

All is well

All is going well.
Thanksgiving was very nice over at my dad's. Meeting my step brother and sister was great. I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. Michael and I both felt welcomed and enjoyed ourselves.
I had 2 weeks off from my nanny position PAID!! She said she wanted to keep me happy so she agreed to pay me for the time off taken by them. I go back tomorrow and see Sydney. I hear she has 2 teeth.
I am taking Sierra to the doctor tomorrow~she is going to be having a brain and lumbar MRI. Our family doc says she is low on vitamin d and shows inflamation and since I have the chiari gene it is best to have her checked.I can't wait to get my hands on the MRI report. I will keep you posted on how it goes.
Michael and I are still taking and enjoy the results we see and feel from the Herbalife. I am going to really try to build my business as far as selling and I look to leave me nanny position by my surgery time in March. If you are looking to lose/gain weight,have increased energy,stop fighting the fatigue or maybe get your diabetes under control please take a look at and than let me know how I can help you. I thank God for these products and how they are changing lives.
Blessings to you,