Friday, August 15, 2008

only 9 more days

9 days left of watching my daycare darlings here. I start my new Nanny position Sept.2nd. I am very happy about this new phase of my life.I really like the family I am going to work for and in time I hope Baby Sydney really likes me.She is only 2 months old so I will give her a few days~ha.
Michael and I have really been watching what we eat and walking at least every other morning.Michael has lost 8 pounds and I have lost 5 in just a week.We will probably put it all back on tonight going out to dinner.
Sierra started school Wednesday.I was sad to see her start.I can't believe she is a JR. in high school.I see her even less now than I did this summer but I am soo proud of her!!! I can't believe I had a hand in raising such a great kid.She and Chuckie are doing good.Regina~Chuckies mom~asked her to move in!! Sierra said no.I had to ask what the difference would be~as she stays over there almost every night anyway.I think momma Regina is getting a little spoiled!Sierra does the laundry,dishes and many other things over there.Good thing I really like Chuck and Regina.
I think Joshua is doing well.We talk weekly but usually by text message.I don't remember the last time I saw him.Jayme I think I mentioned moved to Arkansas with her mom.I don't really know what is going on in her life these day's.
I am feeling pretty good.The headaches have mello-ed out it seems.Knock on wood.My feet are another story.Oh my gosh they are bugging me.I am pretty good walking but trying to sit in any one position for more than just a few minutes and they are tingling and freakin out.I really would like to put off the TC surgery for as long as I possibly can I just don't know if I am doing any kind of nerve damage or anything by waiting.I feel like I am just getting back to livin from the decompression so I am not ready to be down again.I think I may try to talk to my family doc and see if there is anything a person can do or take to help with the pins and needles in my feet.If any one has any suggestions please pass it on.
Have a super weekend ya all,

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Guess who called???

So after sending a not really nice e-mail to Kim~Dr.Oro's nurse I finally spoke to Dr.Oro himself.
First,I spoke with Dee who wanted to make sure I was infact cancelling my appointment for next week.Than Renee called in the afternoon~she wanted to know what I wanted and why I was so unhappy.After trying to explain things to her and getting no where I told her I was tired of dealing with the office and I hung up.Less than an hour later Dr.Oro called~Guess what??? I have tethered cord.He apologized for all the confusion,asked how I was feeling and explained what was going on with me.My "band" is being pulled passed L-1 L-2~further than he would like it and lower in the lumbar area I have the spinal lipoma (fatty tissue) which is pushing and pulling the cord.He said he could do about an inch incision and "snip" the cord.In 2 out of 3 people this helps and is what is needed.I would have the surgery and need to lay flat for at least 24 hours.I didn't ask about down time becasue I had gotten the answers I was looking for already.He said to save on gas money,ect... he could schedule the consultation and surgery all in one trip.We agreed that I would continue keeping the journal I have been since the decompression surgery and if I continue to see no improvment in my lower body within the next 2 months to go ahead and schedule this procedure.
Sometimes I guess you just have to get mad.Michael says not everybody works as fast as I do and so I don't get the answer I want in my timing.HELLO~ I have been waiting 9 flippin weeks for some sort of answers. I do have the answers now so I feel better.The not knowing is very hard.
I have heard from Dr.Oro and I am happy with that however I am still feeling what I guess I will call ~ depressed~I don't want to do anything and I really don't feel like talking to anyone.I haven't been to church in about 5 weeks and I hate my job.Yeah I guess depressed is a good word.I am not really sure where this is coming from.Money- maybe- we are really struggling right now.I am just counting down the days til I start with my new family and get out of this apartment.
Maybe tomorrow I will update you about Nicole and the deported husband.
Much love,

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nothing new here

All is well.
I was offered a Nanny position. I will start with my new family September 15th.I
am looking forward to getting out of the apartment.Michael and I are already talking about how we are going to re-arrange the furniture.This family is about 10 minutes from me so the travel won't be bad.The baby is 4 months old.A little girl!
I am 9 weeks post-op today,besides the pressure headaches,hand tingling,neck tightness and the lower body issues that never went away my fingers are going numb~especially my finger tips on my left hand.I don't know what it is all about.I canceled my 2 month post-op appointment with Dr.Oro.I just feel it is pointless to drive all that way for nothing.I am very unhappy with him as a doctor so I will just see my family doctor if needed and if things get worse I will find another neurosurgeon.
Lace~ I am happy to read that you scheduled your decompression surgery date.I hope all goes well.I am sorry though that you have to wait so long.
Stay well everyone and stay out of the heat.