Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm ready to go

Let's go already.
We would go ahead and go but we gotta wait on mom who won't be ready til tomorrow!! She had to work half a day today and than needs to pack and do her thing so we will wait.
I went to breakfast this morning with 4 ladies from the womens group I am in at church. Michael went to the store and bank and did the last minute things like that that needed to be done. I go my hair cut SHORT yesterday. I think she used a number 2 on the back and sides so maybe that will help Dr.Oro out a bit. Ha!
Kinda seems like it is going to be a long day. I was really hoping not but yeah,I think it is.
Michael will be updating this for me next week. He is a bit slower than I with this so bear with him.I know he will get out what is important.
Enjoy your day!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

leaving in 2 days

I'm feeling ready to go people.
I am not~and I am happy to say~ feeling oh poor me.I am going through this surgery for a reason~ a reason I may not totaly understand at this point but God does and right now that is good enough for me. I had my little freak out moment when I blacked out last week and I cryed and cryed.Today because of many of you and you support and kindness and our Lord above I am really feeling a peace. I certainly don't think it is going to be peaches and cream but it will be what I make it.
I have had some really bad days and I think I will again but I am thinking my attitude and faith in the Lord is going to set the tone for things to come.I do want to work out again and laugh with my family. I've always been the family jokester so they have been kinda lost. I want to go for walks or to the movies and get back to that pretty awesome "teacher" I have once been to these little darlings.
So we are on our way Sunday morning.
I will share every bit of the way.
Love ya

Thursday, May 29, 2008

2 other chiarians to be in colorado

So yesterday got a couple of e-mails from 2 other ladies that will be in Colorado the same time I am. Cathy is coming from Alabama and is looking to have the tethered cord surgery on the 5th.She is coming alone and staying at the Strawberry house.I've asked Michael to check in on her since she is coming by herself. Kelly is coming in from North Dakota. This will be her first visit with Dr.Oro so she doesn't yet know what the future holds.We plan on trying to get together on Sunday evening. It will be nice to meet others struggling.
I was really worried about what to do with my wedding rings but thanks to Lace I think we got that covered now.I am thankful because as I said before my rings mean alot to me and I don't want to take a chance of anything happening to them.I know they could be replaced but I took my vows with these rings and that is something you can't do again for a first time. I'm crazy I know. Maybe Dr.Oro will fix that while he is in the brain as well as the whole " I need junk food thing in there"
I am starting to get sad about leaving Sierra. She is my baby girl and I know this is going to be hard on her.Yes she could go but we all decided it would be best for her to stay because it is such a long trip and not alot of entertaining will be done.
Saying good-bye to some of my daycare darlings is going to be tough tomorrow too.
We are going to do dinner with Josh on Saturday so I will get to see my bubba!
It has been a lite week for me really. I am running out of things to clean and pack. So ya all keep talking!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

sleep~I need sleep

I have been up since about 1 am my time with the most horrible back ache.My monthly friend came to visit and I feel like shit.My periods have gotten alot worse since the chiari~just fyi for those who wanted to know that.The back ache last night went down into my legs and it just sucked.I am thankful however that I am going to get this over with before the surgery.
I was on the WACMA website yesterday and I was lookin at Chips pictures of the surgery I mean the surgery in progress if you have not seen these pictures well they are um kinda nasty.I was able to make out the dura and such though anyway. Those pictures have STUCK with me.I've looked at them before and they have slipped my mind~not this time! That's fixin to be me.
One concern of mine which may be dumb is my wedding rings.I know I am going to have to remove them I just don't know what to do with them.I don't want to leave them at the apartment and I would hate for Michael to misplace them if he put them in his pocket or something before surgery.I know this should be the least of my worries but my rings and the vows I took with them mean alot.
Yesterday was a slow daycare day and oh were the little darlings ever fussy and tired from the long weekend.We all took a nap as I hope is the case today.
I'm boring this morning so I will close now.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

one week til surgery

One week left!!
It seems like it has taken forever for the surgery date to get here. I'm sure this will be the longest week of my life.
Got some things done this past weekend to get ready to leave.Cleaned the apartment really good,went to the store for some things we can snack on on our 8 hours drive.I think I talked to everyone I needed to touch base with before we leave. We even got some things packed. I am easy to pack since most of my time will be in the hospital.I bought some PJ pants and tank tops,socks and even some panties yea!!! We bought the thing for my laptop so I can use it in the car or where ever,found the camera.Maybe after surgery Michael and I will finally learn about putting pictures on here.
This week Michael works 3 days. He will get the truck detailed and the oil changed.Friday afternoon he is going to watch the daycare darlings and Sierra and I are going to get our nails done before I send her off to her grandma's.I'm sure she will stay plenty of time with Chuckie as well.I feel like she will be in good hands.I guess if I am to worry about any of the kids it would be Josh.He rents the basement area from my mom.So mom and grandma are both going to be gone.
I know he will be working and hanging out with friends,I just hope he has some one he can lean on if he has a bad day.Mom,Michael and the kids are going to wear the chiari t-shrit's Tuesday.I thought it was pretty cool since that is surgery day and the reason for the surgery.
I'm feeling pretty good right now.I had a few issues over the weekend as far as feeling like I was going to pass out but I was able to get control.My hands and ankles have really thrown me a fit as far as pain but for the most part I am doing ok. I won't have a babysitter today for myself so my prayer is that I make it through the day with out any trouble.
Keep me laughin this week ya all.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

made it to the weekend~aaahhhh

Hi Hi hi,

Sierra stayed home with me yesterday to help me with the daycare darlings.I was oh so weak and tired. Do you ever get enough rest?I feel like I am always tired.
So last night I felt well enough to do a shot of crown royal in memory of my brother. It was gross but Jason,I got it down for you.I love ya man! We will see each other again.
Every year since my brother has been gone my mom,son,sister,husband and daughter have done 1 shot of Crown Royal on his birthday.It was his favorite drink and a little way in which each year we can remember him. Not for everyone I know but we enjoy it for Jason and because of Jason.
So Michael is at work~thank goodness it was only 1 shot huh?~I slept in and am now just starting to get around a little bit.I woke up to lots of rain.I also had a wonderful e-mail from Becci she is in the womens group I go to at church.She and her husband are on their way to Tver in Russia.They are adpoting a baby boy. How awesome is that!I can hardly wait for them to bring that baby back home so we can all enjoy him.
No plans for the weekend.Michael will be home in a few hours and I may like to go for a very short drive as I have not been out of this apartment since last Sunday. I like the place that much. Ha! I do like the place but today I wouldn't mind getting out for a bit. Many of the area pools have opened but in my area I am not thinking they are going too get to much use any time soon.
I guess we need to figure out what we are driving to Colorado next Sunday. My moms car is going to get the best gas milage but I feel to small.Our truck is much roomier but will take about $400 in gas so I think we may take the grandparent's mini van.The gas may be some where in the middle of ours and moms but to me the space would be lovely!Some sort of comfort is what I am most interested in on the way home.I've packed a few things in a little bag I will want with me at the hospital but other than that haven't done much to get ready.I talked to Dr.Oro's new nurse ~Renee ~ everything I needed him to get he got so we are ready as far as that kinda things goes.
Let me know if you took any thing that may of been of comfort to you to the hospital.I am sure I will forget something.
Love ya

Friday, May 23, 2008

It's Friday

So as you can tell from yesterday's header~I don't know how to spell.
I'm telling you it has been an awful week.
So yesterday I blacked out. I got up from the floor pretty fast to get onto one of my darlings and that's all I recall for just a few seconds. I saw light and grey sqwiggles (sp) and than I found Lily~the little darling who was giving me fits.I tryed to recover with putting a cool towel on my face and neck and laying down but it was almost as though I could feel another spell coming on again.I had major balance issue after this and than my cell phone rang-it was Josh-I freaked out just started crying and knew I couldn't talk I needed Michael to come home.This morning I am oh so weak and have the shittiest(is that a word?) taste in my mouth.
Ganna rest before daycare darlings arrive.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

it's rainig

It's raining here in my neck of the woods today.I love the rain just not real crazy about lighting.
Michael let me ramble on last night so I got a few thoughts and feelings off my chest.Even though he didn't really talk back I think it helped.Right this minute I am feeling a bit better than I did yesterday. One of the nice things today is that school is out for one of my daycare parents so instead of expecting my first daycare darling at 6:30 I have an extra hour before any darlings get here. Michael thought I should of tryed to sleep inn but I have my routine so I declined.
One thing I hadn't thought of for before surgery is~ not to get sick with the flu or sinus infection or just any bug for that matter before hand.I hate to go and be ready for the BIG day and be turned away because I am under the weather. So I plan on just resting alot this Memorial weekend.I have no plans for the long weekend and don't want to make any.Just laying around and getting my witts about me sounds so good!!
The new apartment is still good good good with just one little complaint-our upstairs neighbors. I can deal with the fact that there is at least 6 people up there and the noise of walking/stomping across the floor the issue I have is ~ I have tryed to go sit out on the deck at least twice now and found a big mess on my deck from them. Our first sunday here I went out to enjoy the deck and had kitty litter falling all over me from them sweeping the deck I guess and than the baby dropped her bottle/cup and I got covered in milk.When they realized what had happened ~Debbi~ came down the next day with a hanging basket and an apology. Last night I went out to enjoy the deck and relax from the day only to find ashes and chocolate milk all over my new patio furniture and cushions. I mean the milk was in puddles. I must admit I was pissed.I had a bad day yesterday and finding that made me crazy.when Michael got home he went up there and had them come down and clean the mess they had made.Of course they are sorry and again I accept the apology however I'd like not to find that again.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

one fine day to one really crappy day

Ok so I just want to vent,turn away now if you don't want to read it.
Yesterday just flat sucked.Very surprising and disappointing because Monday was fine.
I think I must have PMS~I am just in one of those places where I don't like my job right now.I'm tired of the little darlings being up my butt and always always under my feet.I want some space. I need some space. The fasting did not go as planned yesterday.Nothing went as planned yesterday. I ate everythingt that wasn't nailed down.I love the aparment But- but what- I just don't know what the deal is!I don't want to talk to anyone but you guys,I just want to be left alone.I want to have the surgery so I can have a whooping 3 weeks off before killing myself going back to work. I am stressed about money and we've had so much help that should be the furthest thing from my mind.I am not overly crazy about my mom going to Colorado right now.I am only for that so that Michael has some support. Why am I so funcky when things really aren't that bad or bad at all.I tryed to get drunk last night but after 3 drinks I was bloated and uncomfortable so that didn't work either.I am unhappy about caring about everyone but myself I think.I have posted before about "all the faces" I have to put on for so many people.I am way tired of that today too or again.I guess to Friday would of been my brother's 28th birthday.He is gone!! He has been gone for 6 years.His beening gone hasn't bothered me in past years like it is this year.Maybe it is because of my upcoming surgery~not sure about that but it sounds good.
Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.Any advice~please feel free to send it.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I hit the back of my head

Everything really went smoothly yesterday until I smacked the back of my head on the freezer door. I was getting some ice and bent down to get one of my little darlings~Christian~when I came back up pow.It knocked me for a loop for a minute.Thank goodness Sierra was here to help until I regained my composer.I became very sick at my stomach and the inside of my head felt like it was on fire as well as down the right side of my face.I am feeling much better this morning and am very thankful I have not had surgery yet because I hit right where the incision site will be.
Babysitting at the apartment was fine.We did alot of floor play,coloring and the older ones did some worksheets.We went outside and blew bubbles and just got used to being in a different space.I was very pleased.I extended my hours to give the parents more time to get here from work due to us moving further out but as of last night everyone was still here by 5:30.
Michael had the most beautiful flower arrangement delivered to me yesterday.Purple is my favorite color and how fitting since it is the chiari color too but I never knew so many flowers came in such beautiful shades of purple.Also the upstairs neighbor came down and brought us a hanging basket of ivy,so how could it not be a nice day!
Sierra has yet to spend the night in the apartment.I think she has moved in with Chuckie.All of her things are here though.Chuckies place is closer to her school and work so it is easier for her to get around over there.
I fasted all day yesterday and did find a couple of times I did pray when I felt hungery.I am going to try to continue on today.
Blessings to all!

Monday, May 19, 2008


I am going to really try to "fast" for a time.
Reasons behind this are~I am really wanting to hear God and the closer it gets to surgery time I am feeling it a bit harder to pray or really even just speak to the Lord and this is not what I want. So I am hoping that those hunger pangs will remind me to focus a bit more on our Heavenly Father.
I just read Katies overflowingbrain blog and the reciepes she has posted sound sooo good. I even copied them.I am an emotional eater so I really am hoping and praying this fasting will take me where I am looking to be.
Our apartment is amazing if any apartment can really be that good.The space is great.The 2 bedrooms are at oppisite ends so Sierra coming in late is very unlikely to bother us if we are in our room sleeping.I am really excited about being able to get back to "teaching" the daycare darlings the things they are going to need to get ready for school.I have 3 I am taking off the bottle and we are going to potty train.I set up the main bathroom in colorful fish decor.Very bright colors for them-poor Sierra- she has to deal with fish.She doesn't seem to mind at all though.Thank you Sissy.
I'll let ya know how the first day goes.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

the apartment

We are moved in!!!!!

Thursday I felt soo bad that I was really concerned this apartment thing was really going to work.Friday morning Michael had 4 co-workers show up at 8 am.
Sierra and Chuckie were also there and the things were out of the house by 9:30.
Michael was back at the house to watch the daycare darlings by 11 and ready for me to go to the apartment and have Chuckie and Sierra do,move or go get whatever I needed or wanted. When I got here the beds were set up with the sheets and all on them already.The living room furniture was just where I would of put it had I been here myself,pictures were ready to be hung.It was great and they all moved soo fast.The only BIG thing that has not been done yet is the hanging above the fireplace of our flat screen t.v. We have a friend from church coming over tomorrow to do that for us.Michael thinks he can do it he just doesn't want to mess anything up so we'll wait.No big deal~
Today the cableman came and got us all hooked up.We bought a dining room set and patio furniture which was delivered today as well.So things are moving right along.
I am feeling really rough so I am soo thankful so many people have been willing to help.I am writing this while Michael continues to do a few things,he won't let me do anything tonight.I am thankful he understands and is very caring but I also feel bad cause I feel like so much is on him.I tryed to have a couple of drinks with him last night just to relax and enjoy the deck~that didn't work.I got one drink down-started on the second and promtly became very sick to my stomach.I was in bed by 7.
I found a new nail place today. I really liked the place itself and the people and they did a great job on my nails.I walked across the parking lot to the coffee place an told the guy what kind of coffee I was looking for.He hooked me up and even bought the coffee for me.I felt very moved by his kindness.I felt God saying to me that it is time to face the fact that you are fixin to have surgery and I am going to be with you.Not just in the free cup of coffee but in the whole last couple of days and how things have worked out and people's kindness and goodness.God is saying~Let go and let Me.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Well well well. My sister finally "got it".We talked for a long time again yesterday and I think she is coming around and taking the focus off of herself for a minute. I also realized that she does have some good friendships in GA but I don't feel they compare to the relationships I have with my church family especially my womens group and I don't think she has the peace in her life over many issues that I do ~like our brother.She also doesn't have chiari and all of you wonderful people -so I am ok that she lives so far away.She e-mailed me last night and asked me for advice about starting to read the Bible. Wow!!! That was pretty cool.
I think I am starting to get a bit nervous about surgery and probably even moving,we have been here 10 years.I was emotional yesterday and just didn't feel well. I asked Sierra after we moved and were a bit settled did she want to go get her nails done with me and that made me cry.I am so crazy about my daughter and I wish she could come to Colorado with us but it isn't right for many reasons so I guess I feel I want to spend what time I can with her right now because none of us know what to expect I will be like for a time after surgery.
Michael loaded the trailer last night and is taking the first load over to the apartment today after he goes to the church and picks up our rent check.We are going to be outta here in nothing flat tomorrow.Michael pulled out the washer and dryer for me to "clean" up a little bit so he could move them-oh my gosh-it was nasty.I was fixin to take the vacuum down and use it and it doesn't wanna "suck"stuff up so that sucks.I know we will get things taken care of. They are not calling for any rain this weekend so that is wonderful.Our dining room table and patio furniture will be delivered to the apartment Saturday and they even put everything together for us.How wonderful is that?!
I hope you all are doing well. I was thrilled to finally hear how Dee is doing yesterday.My blog is very plain right now but for me at this time is serves it's purpose.I am thankful for you guys and your blogs,it really gives me something to look forward to each day. So blog away fellow chiarians,blog away.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

moving Friday

Well this Friday it is as far as the moving date. Thank you Michael for finally making up my mind. It got a little stressful Monday afternoon waiting for the phone to ring and all the right people to get back to us but everything did fall into place.Yesterday we recieved a VERY nice gift from our church~they are paying our first 2 &1/2 months rent. How cool is that?? There you go again God asking why do you worry Lolo you know I am going to provide for you. We went last night and bought a dining room table and some wicker patio furniture. We are going to have a nice size deck and I thought it maybe nice during recovery to sit out on the deck and enjoy some fresh air.
All the daycare darlings and their parents have just been so great working with us.Most things I do does effect's them in some way so here again I have been very blessed.
Most everyting is packed. There isn't to much left to do but move. I have certainly paid for the things I have been doing.My arms have really bothered me with pain and I have noticed that my hands have been swelling an awful lot and I don't know what that is all about.
My sister has been dealing me a fit. I am finding the closer we get to surgery the harder it is to talk to her.Why did God take our brother and not her (he has been gone 6 years).Why is God having me go through chiari and not her.Why why why.In her defense I think she is starting to go through "the change of life" but she is not helping me in any way with what I call her whining.I asked her if I am not freaking out about the surgery why is she. She wants all these answers that only God can answer. Some things,many things are black and white no grey areas.There is nothing I can say to settle her she just keeps on. Why is our dad going to Colorado to my surgery and isn't speaking to her. Even things like why did some of her friends NOT have a bbq on mother's day.I have offered many times for her to come to the surgery for her own peace of mind and even to possibly restore her relationship with our dad but she will even argue about that.I said I would even pay her way (she lives in GA) But NOTHING and I mean NOTHING will calm her. I have tryed telling her this is the kind of thing I don't need to deal with at this stage of the game but still she continues.I finally told her I was going through the chiari and not her because I am a hell of a lot stronger than she is. She didn't argue that point!! Any advice any one?? I just can't imagine being that worked up all the time.
Sierra is going to take off school Friday and help move.Her boyfriend Chuckie will be able to take off work and help too.Michael is off on Friday's so he and some of the guys at his work are meeting here at the house at 8 a.m. to start moving us.The daycare darlings and I will just do the best we can to stay out of the way.That should be interesting.
I need to call Dr.Oro's office in the next day or so to make sure he got the MRI report of my spine and the surgery release from my regular PCP.
I think that is all that is going on in my world right now.Jayme is doing better from the boyfriend trashing her truck and Josh is just work and play. Happy happy he is.
Love ya all

Monday, May 12, 2008


We are busy here. It looks like we may be moving this weekend now. I wish some one would make up my mind~ like my husband~
Saturday night I was able to go to the party with Michael. It was nice until the cell phone rang.
Jayme had an issue with her boyfriend. They got into a fight over who was cheating on who,she slapped him,he went outside with a knife and a hammer and according to the insurance company TOTALED her truck.So we were called away from the party to go to Jayme's rescue.When we got there the boyfriend was on his way to jail and he still sits there today.It was late when we finally got home Saturday night and we had Jayme in tow since she was mad at her mom for having the boyfriend arrested. She spent the night and the next thing you know she's gone but later calls and wants to move back in with us.Mind you we are moving into a 2 bedroom apartment any day now and I am having brain surgery in less than a month.I don't know where she thought we were going to put her but thankfully her mom said NO. Not that we wouldn't have her but this moving back and forth just isn't going to work and I am not feeling I am going to be in any position to babysit her.
Mother's day was nice. Michael ,Josh and Sierra went shopping and got me somethings I wanted for the apartment. A coffee pot,new pot's and pan's,canisters that kind of thing. We went to church,to lunch and than took a nap.
Today I have been packin,cleanin and watching the daycare darlings.We lost power for a little while this morning.Don't know why~ there were no storms or anything,however it came back on before any kids showed up so that's all that mattered to me.
I got a letter in the mail this weekend that our insurance company approved the surgery,something I had not even put any thought into so I am so thankful someone else did. I was actually excited when I read it.Just one less thing to worry about. Friday I saw my regular Dr. and he said I am good to go for the surgery. He said he was looking forward to doing my after care since I am his first chiari patient. He and Dr.Oro have spoken so I think everyting there is under control.
What kind of things do I need to take with me to the hospital? I'm sure for a while I will be in a lovely hospital gown. Will I be able to brush my teeth and stuff?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

my a/c works

The a/c works now! That cool air feels soo good. I was starting to question wether I thought we would end up paying any rent for the next few weeks we are here.
Going to my regular pcp tomorrow to go over the MRI result's as he see's them and for the pre-surgery physical and history~whatever that is.I am ready to get the show on the road. I am hoping the 8 hour drive to Colorado with my mom will be uneventful. She smokes ALOT so I am hoping Michael can deal with that and not get to fussy. My dad will be driving himself which is a good thing I think since he and mom have been divorced for like 38 years. They promise not to get ugly with each other. We will see if mom can keep her end of that deal. I think I am almost more worried about Michael than myself,after all I won't know what is really going on and Michael gets to deal with the 2 of them.
The little darlings are doing well. They have been so loud this week and all I keep thinking is that this can not happen once we are in the apartment and I go back to work.The girls are going to get their nails polished after nap time so that should be fun. I don't know how the parents would feel if I sent the boys home with their nails polished so I will do my best to explain to a couple of 16 month olds why Lolo can't paint their nails. That should be fun as well.
Not to much going on for the weekend. Michael and our kids are going to go to breakfast and shopping for Mother's day Saturday morning and Saturday night Michael's boss is having a party which I will try to go to for a while. I don't do well in the evening but this is important to my Michael so I am going to do the best I can.
Have a great pain free day,

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


It is still hot and we still have no working a/c.
My regular doctor's office called yesterday to say that the spinal MRI says degenerative disk disease in my lumbar spine.I will send the cd off to Dr.Oro Friday and see if he agree's and what if anything can or should be done about it.
I talked to my dad last night and he is still going to Colorado with me.He made reservations to stay at the same place we are staying.I guess we will do dinner Monday night and he will be there through surgery and see how things are going before he decide's when he'll head back home.He drive's over the road and doesn't get paid if he doesn't work so he doesn't plan on staying with me the entire time I am there.
I think today I started getting a bit nervous about the surgery.Maybe just everything in general~I'm not sure.At my appointment with Dr.Oro a few weeks ago I don't recall hearing him say..... you need surgery. Michael heard it loud and clear but I just am not remembering that part of our conversation.I find myself not really even thinking about it to much until today.I'm not freakin out or anything.I do have an upset stomach I assume it is nerves and if talking to the right person I could probably break down but so far not so much.I have always had to be the strong one,for mom,my kids,my sister and at times for Michael so I think I am feeling I need to be strong for every one now too. Plus part of me is thinking ~your not ganna die so what's the big deal~I don't know,maybe I am just cold hearted and won't get all weepy about it.I find that I have to put on so many faces,my fake happy face for the daycare darlings mommies when they come to get the kids,the strong face for my kids,the oh it's no big deal face for my grandparents and the I am not going to die face for my mom and my sister that I just get lost in those faces and feel like I don't have time to focus on my real feelings about what is coming up in less than a month.So I haven't -until today.
I think I'll have Michael send the little darlings home tonight and I will go to my room and just be alone for a bit. Normally I would just eat- I am an emontional eater but I am really trying to work on that cause I know any extra weight is not good for my back.
I also been thinking lately about my hair.I have really short hair-almost spikey like short so I am not freakin' about the back of my head being shaved and I am not concerned about going anywhere in public except church.We sit in the same spot every Sunday~5 pew's from the front.Michael thinks I need to wear a hat or scarf when we go to church so that those behind us will not be offended. I am not feeling like I need to cover my head up.Any suggestions anyone???
If ya all figure out where I am in this whole chiari thing please feel free to share.

Monday, May 5, 2008

what a weekend

Oh my gosh,what a weekend or rather what a late Thursday into Friday night we had.
I woke up about 2 Friday morning to go pee,I came back to lay down and the wind picked up and I thought it was going to take out our bedroom window.I have been through one tornado and wasn't ready for another.I woke Michael and he went to check things as the wind contiued.Sierra woke up at this point and she and I were sent downstairs to my room as the rain and hail came.About that time we lost power.The neighbor's tree was up rooted and we are talking a BIG tree here.We figured we weren't going back to sleep so we thought we'd be like strom chaser's.We went cruisin' around at 3 in the morning in a ugly strom.Lots of damage in our area.Our power remained off until about 7 Friday night and our basement flooded so no one went to school or work Friday.The garage sale also did not go.The wind and rain kept us from that.Saturday was a little better and we did sale somethings but there were just no people out. I'm sure because people were cleaning up after the strom.
Friday afternoon I went for the spinal MRI.It sucked.It took 40 minutes.My muscles were burning and I was near tears by the time it was over. Than to come home to no power,ugh!
Hopefully this week will be a little bit better.We have 19 day's til moving day and now after the strom and no working a/c we are really ready to go.We went and picked out new living room furniture,a dining room table,deck furniture and a new washer all will be delivered to the apartment which will be very nice and very helpful.Surgery is now less than a month away too. I am praying I will end up feeling better after surgery but am still concerned about the tethered cord. I realized this weekend the amount of things I can not do now since the chiari and it is upsetting. I made the decision that unless it is a must I should probably not drive.It's like I can't multi task anymore.Doing more than one thing at a time is starting to really confuse me. I'll keep ya all up to date as the week goes on.
Have a good one,

Thursday, May 1, 2008

chiari walk

I know you may read this many times on other blogs or at conquer chiair's website.
There is going to be a BIG chiari walk in September in which conquer chiari is hoping to get all 50 states to do a walk the same day and raise money and awareness. I am hoping to be involved in some way providing I am recovering well from surgery.
I am going to get ahold of our state rep.( I go to church with him) and find out what needs to be done to get Missouri to recoginize September as Chiari awareness month.
Wish me luck,

It's Thursday

Well it's Thursday and I feel pretty blessed to of made it this far this week. I think my stomach issue is getting better.I thought that yesterday too and it hit again so we are praying it is over. I did finally eat real food yesterday.I also tryed to do a bit of shopping and did ok at first but became very weak and ended up having to leave target with out buying the things I had wanted.
The garage sale for not even really being "open" til tomorrow is doing GREAT.We have made about $30 bucks a night just being out in the garage every night trying to arrange things.
Tomorrow is the lumbar MRI.If they find that I do also have tethered cord how will this affect the decompersion surgey date I already have set up on June 3rd? I am a bit nervous about this!
It is a count down now til our move.I am so excited to be moving.Not having this place and the stairs to deal with is going to be so helpful!! Once all the garage sale stuff is gone we will load it back up with our personal things that will go with us.
Sierra is being sooo helpful.She surprise's me every day with her kindness and willingness to help. We are talking about a 17 year old girl here and the time she has been willing to give to me to help and make things easier on me is very touching. Thank you so much Sissy~
Our air is not working-Not a big deal to some but to me when it hits a certain temp, and with me having issues with controling my body temp. today could be uncomfortable.
I will be saying good-bye to some of my daycare darlings this month.Everything going on at once.2 of them I have had since they were 4 months old and are now in first grade so it could get a bit emotional here in the coming weeks.
I've gone on enough.Have a beautiful day.
Love to all,