Tuesday, April 29, 2008

not feeling well ~ whining

My stomach has been sooo upset the last couple of days.I have thrown up a couple of times but nothing else so I am not sure why this nasty tummy upset.I haven't read or heard any where that stomach aches have anything to do with chiari so I guess maybe some bug is going around.
Sierra has yet another UTI.She goes to the Dr. in about an hour.They seem to be getting worse.This time she has had blood in her urine.I really need to get her checked out for the tethered cord thing.This keeps me upset and does nothing for my stress level which in turn probably keeps my tummy upset.
I go Friday for the lumbar MRI that Dr.Oro has asked for.That should be fun.
Has any one gotten their money from Bush yet? We had planned to pay rent at our new apartment and use the rest if needed when we go back to Colorado however yesterday we found out that our truck needed $1000 worth of work so that needs to come first. Since I work at home we only have the one vehicle so there was no question it needed attention.
The garage sale is this weekend.I have some pretty good stuff for sale if I do say so myself.Last Saturday we sold $200 worth of stuff that we had out just trying to get ready for this weekend so that was a nice little bonus.
I think every one around here is good.Michael and I are actually a little testy with each other today.I am feeling like I want to take tomorrow off with this tummy thing,it has me really run down but his thinking is that I was already off a couple of days for my Colorado trip and am looking at being off a month after the surgery I need to suck it up and work.He didn't really put it like that but that's how I took it.
Sierra,as I said is on her way to the Dr. She and her boyfriends family went out of town this past weekend.It seems like they all had a really nice time.
Joshua does seem to be staying out of trouble.Thank you Lord for that.
Jayme is wanting to drop out of school and be home schooled so Michael had that issue to deal this weekend.She is living with her mom now and just seems to of stopped caring.I pray things work out.Being a teenager sucks.
Feel good all,

Friday, April 25, 2008

so happy it is Friday

I am so thankful today is the last day of the work week.Even though I had a short work week and fewer than normal kids I am beat!
We were going to move to our apartment on the 7th of June,however when we went to sign the lease we moved that date up one week to the 30th of May.Ealier this week we found out that I would be having surgery on the 3rd of June so we have yet again changed our moving date to the 23rd of May. This weekend is cleaning and preparing for the garage sale the following weekend.Than we will need to finish packing and move the following couple of weeks than off to surgery.I guess the good thing about being this busy is I won't have a lot of down time to dwell on the surgery huh?
I know Michael and my mom are going to Colorado with me.I had mentioned many blogs back that since the chiari I had been trying to restore my relationship with my dad.He freaked me out the other night by telling me he would be there with me through my surgery too.Keep in mind I have talked to my dad more this last month than I have in probably 3 or 4 years so this is BIG.There is little doubt in my mind now that the Lord certainly does know what he is doing.The restored relationships since my chiari have been unbelievable to say the least.
I have a question for those who may read this who have kids and have been where I am going.Do you just watch for signs in your kids? We know we have the chiari gene so are chances greater that our kids may end up having chiari as well? I think of Julie Carter and her girls so I was just wondering.My daughter does have the 2 dimples in her lower back and my son who is 20 now has struggled with lower back pain since he was 14.I think I will also talk to my PCP and see what he thinks.Dr.Oro is wanting me to have a pre-surgery history and physical done.What is that?I already have the appointment set up but don't know what to expect.
I pray you all have a great weekend and a pain free one at that,

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Surgery is June 3rd.

my visit with Dr.Oro

I saw Dr.Oro Monday.He is just the greatest.He already had all of my MRI films and some other test results so I didn't need to be sent for any further testing which was nice.He is just honest and to the point.I have chiari it is progressing and I should really consider having the decompression surgery.There is some concern of tethered cord which would change things a bit.I am having a lumbar MRI done here at home and will send him the results and go from there.
We were able to stay at the~Strawberry place~.It is a 4 plex and a nice one at that.Hopefully when surgery is scheduled we will be able to stay there again.It was close to everything.Lots of places to eat and shop.It has a full kicthen if you wanted to cook you could because it has everything you would need.Even a washer and dryer.It was nice to come home and not have a ton of laundry.
We found out yesterday that we can move to our apartment one week earlier than we had thought so that is great news.Things around here are coming along as far as cleaning,garage sale things and just packing.
This is my first day back to my little darlings this week since I went to the Dr.They are all so great.I got lots of love when they came in the door this morning.I have 3 less than on a normal day so coming off the Dr.appointment it is really nice.
Michael has been wonderful as always and ready to get on with the surgery and life.He is very strong and I am very thankful for that.
When we got home and let the family and friends know of the outcome of my visit with Dr.Oro everyone thought they needed to come to Coloardo with me for the surgery so I had to remind people this brain surgery we are going to not a party.
Hugs to all,

Monday, April 14, 2008

just want to share

I just wanted to share my Sunday morning with you.
We went to church just as we do every Sunday,we sang our songs and prayed and sang some more than came our time of "coming to the ALTAR to pray" where our pastor has use come forward and get on our knees and pray if we feel lead to.This day~ Laura and Michael Flaws were to come to the altar and the congergation "laid hands"on us and prayed for our upcoming trip and the outcome.I had people holding my hand,people with their hands on my arm,leg, back and my pastor with his hand on the back of my head.I've had people pray for me before but never anything like this.I was overwhelmed!I was on my kness and some one asked if I needed help getting up and I really did need help getting up.It was that moving to me.After church service we went upstairs to our small groups (Sunday school).I am in a big group that meets than breaks into a smaller womens group,Michael teaches the youth.I walked in to put my things down and get coffee and "Donna" a very wonderful lady handed me a check for-travel expenses-I tryed to give it back.These are not things I am used to.I always help the other person ya know.Any way she said she felt lead to give us $100.00.WOW!!Than before our small groups broke off "Paul" who put's some activities together for our group said he had an announcement-in May we are doing clean up at blah blah and in June we will be meeting at Mike and Laura's to move them to the apartment.At this point I was finally speechless.I was sooo overcome with emotion this day.I am so glad I didn't wear mascara.People never cease to amaze me.I think the hard part is to be the taker instead of being the giver.However seeing and feeling this goodness from others does make me continue to give when and where I can.
Just wanted to share.
Have a good Monday,

Sunday, April 13, 2008

leaving in less than a week

Leaving in less than a week now to go see Dr.Oro.I don't think it has hit me yet.
I did hear Friday that Colorado had just gotten 13 inches of snow.I do pray that this is long gone before I get there.
S0,I got my hair cut,I got my nails done ~in purple~ and we found the suitcase.Does that mean we are well on our way??? Michael will take care of getting the oil changed before we set off on our adventure.I found my comforter I take with me on all our road trips so I can have that.The comforter- no one likes but me,however this comforter survived the tornado that got us a few years back.Our pop-up camper was parked beside the house and the comforter was in the camper after the tornado the camper of course was gone but I found my blanket across the way covered in mud hangin from a tree,so it is sorta special to me.It's a survivor just like we are.
We went through the entire downstairs of the house yesterday and have piles of trash,garage sale and take.We are slowly getting somewhere with this upcoming move.I've never had a garage sale before in my life but we are fixin to make up for that.This is ganna be a good one if I do say so myself.We have a liitle of everything.You need it~chances are you are ganna find it at lolo's garage sale!!
I talked to my dad last night,you may recall this relationship has been very rocky all my 38 years.We have been able to talk and get along since the "chiari".He and his wife are getting ready to leave on a mexican cruise for 8 days.I told him we could trade places,I could go on the cruise and he could go to Colorado~he wasn't up for that.Nice idea though huh?I am very excited about restoring this relationship but am limited in who I can share it with.My mother of course HATES him so she would feel betrayed and for many years my sister tryed with our dad but never got anywhere(I don't know why) so I don't want to hurt her and say -guess what I just talked to dad-ya know.Kinda sucks.I don't really know how to handle this one yet so far now it's between me, you and Michael.Of course unless Sis pops on this blog..Hey Sis I've been talkin too dad a little bit...
I think going to church will be the highliight of my day today.I have no other plans.I go weigh tomorrow so I will continue to watch what I eat.I haven't had trouble given up anything except my starbucks.That was a daily thing so I am sure to lose a few pounds.
Much love to you all,

Thursday, April 10, 2008

much the same as yesterday

Feeling much the same as yesterday.I am surprised I think by the over all body weakness.I have known about the stairs being hard for me to go up which is one of the main reasons we are moving to the one level apartment,but just getting up from a seated position,or rasing my arms to pick up one of the little darlings is killer.I have had to have Michael open my medicine bottles lately because it hurts my hands so much.What's this all about?? The last couple of days have also been stressful 1) just cuz I am feeling so rotten and 2) because I am so concerned about Sierra.Michael and a couple of other people I trust having been where I am think- I should take care of me and going to see Dr.Oro and than try to figure out little Sierra's deal.As a mother that is much easier said than done.However I am going to try to just focus right now on my up coming appointment.I am not sleepin either~probably nerves.
On a more positive note I am doing ok so far this week with the weight watchers.I am down 4 pounds in just a few days so that's cool.
I think we are going to work on things for the garage sale this weekend.I am praying for a quiet weekend.I look forward to staying in as much as possible.
Have a good eveing everyone.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

feeling like crap

Oh my gosh,Am I ever ready to call it a day. I started feeling really rough yesterday with lots of joint pain so much so that it was very hard to use my hands.Michael was kind enough to send me to bed when he got home.He sent the rest of the daycare darlings off and stayed up and played with Rowan.Thank goodness. Rowan slept very well so we weren't up in the night or anything. Today I still have all the joint pain and all over body weakness.My legs are very weak feeling.It just seems it takes everything I have to walk across the room or disipline the darlings.Lots of tension in my neck and a nice headache.
I talked to Sierra just a little bit last night about being concerned about her butt dimples.She didn't do or say or act as I was afraid she would.She was almost uninterested.I told her there was really nothing we could do right now I wanted to talk with Dr.Oro so he could lead me in the right direction.She seemed just fine with that.
Just wanted to whine a bit and let ya know how Sierra is doing.
Have a great night,

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


So Sierra has these 2 dimples on her lower back on either side of her spine.She has had them for as long as I can remember and she is a hairy little thing ~ so as I am still learning about my chiari I am concerned about Sierra and possible tethered cord.She also seems to have UTI's often.So how do I go about first telling her about my concerns and than finding someone to have a look at her? Is tethered cord as "rare"as chiari is? I go to Dr.Oro on the 21st for my chiari I guess I will ask him what he thinks about her and her little ~butt dimples~ as Lace says.
I had one of the worst chiari headaches yesterday I have ever had.It was off the scale.I ended up having the daycare darlings just kinda do their own thing downstairs while I layed there with an ice pack on the side of my face.It was awful.Thank God it finally did let up cause I was having Michael come home from work.Today so far is not so bad.I can't tell if I think the ultram is doing anything or not.I do think the cymbalta is helping with nerve pain and anxiety.
Rowan~one of my little darlings is going to spend the night with me tonight and Saturday night Jayde~another of my little darlings is going to spend the night so I think I have my work and my week laid out for me.It is pretty great when you can build good relationships so much so that mom and dad feel good about asking the babysitter to keep baby overnight.We used to have someone with us every weekend until chiari became my life.Now it is a little harder on me.
I joined weight watchers last night.I feel pretty good about it so we will see what happens.
I am going to rest while all my little darlings are resting.
I pray you all are pain free,

Monday, April 7, 2008

the weekend

Well the Jayhawks did it!!!
The weekend was good.Friday I did the Dr.appointment thing.I found out that I have asthma.Does asthma and chiari have anything to do with each other? We decided to get off the vicodin and try ultrim.We are staying on the cymbalta and xanax.All in all the apointment was good.My breathing had increased 33% since I was there 3 weeks ago so that is a good thing.
The apartment is great and will work out just fine.We went and picked out living room furniture and a new dining room set.Sierra is fine with what will be her space~her room and bathroom so I'm happy there was no fussin there.We have been offered an awful lot of help when we move so hopefully it will all go well.My mom and I will supervise.
I am going to join weight watchers tonight.Not being able to be as active as I once was is starting to show and I feel a bit uncomfortable so we will see how ww will work for me.
We let ~boots~one of our kitty's go to live with my mother-in-law so now I need to find a home for our other kitty~silver~.I am not really a kitty person so I have a hard time paying a $400.00 deposit and an additional $200.00 in rent for them.
Did anyone watch the re-airing of Extreme makeover home addition last night?It was about Julie Carter and her 3 daughters with chiari.I watched it again and I cryed through the whole thing.I e-mailed Julie when the show was over and she is still very overwhelmed with the e-mails,letters and phone calls.She said she has showed the house to over 1,000 people.WOW!
Well I ned to get this day started.
Bless you all,

Friday, April 4, 2008

we're ready

The apartment is ours and we are ready to go.Michael just left to take the first load of tools and such to store in his brother's garage.We are going over tomorrow to go in the apartment and look around to see where we will want to place things and such.Than we will be off to buy new dining room and living room furniture.
The move in date is not til the first of June but with a garage sale and my trip to see Dr.Oro in there,there really isn't all that much time.
I go to the doctor here in a bit to discuss how my meds are working.I'd love for him to have something other than vicodin for the pain.I don't know that there is to much else that is stronger than vicodin but I feel like my body is just to used to it for it to work well any more so I take more than I'm sure I should.All this extra stuff I've been doing to ready us for the move~my body is aching~My hands or fingers hurt so much it is hard for me to straighten my hand out.Even my legs and rear end hurt.I'm still trying to get used to the fact that I "can't do- like I used to".
Have a good weekend all.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

our apartment

We put money down to hold the apartment we want last night.Please pray all will work out if it is ment to be.
We are very excited but a bit nervous as well.I have been taking things off the walls and going through other things to get ready for a garage sale and other things ready for the dump.It is CRAZY the things we gather after being in one place for nearly 10 years.The darling little babies that I was sooo hoping would follow are in fact going to follow.I am really moving out of the way so I am extending my hours a bit to help the parents.Everything just seems to be working out and happening just as it should.I want to jump from the roof top but I am one of those that don't fully believe til it is all said and done.Beside's I am not sure how much I'd really enjoy the apartment at first if I were to do something so dumb!!
I have mentally been in a really decent mood this week however,I feel crippled because of all the extra work I've been doing.My hands and back or by far the worst right now.
Every one here is good.Michael is just his happy go lucky self.Really looking forward to no more yard work(there is a lot of land with this house).He is really looking forward to cleaning out the garage and "handing down"some of his tools to Josh.Josh is working alot.He had 74 hours on his last paycheck so he would probably like some sleep.He is a good kid(well is 20 still a kid?)Sissy is my baby and doing good too.She is a bit upset that we are moving a little further out than she would like(this will require she get up a bit earlier to get to school)but for the most part she just goes with the follow and doesn't give me any trouble.Chuckie(her boyfriend)is having an outpatient surgery done today for kidney stones.I thought he was awfully young to be dealing with such a thing but he has been for a while.I haven't seen or talked to Jayme(step daughter)since Easter so I hope all is well in her world.
I will keep you all posted on the apartment and move.It is funny that we are so happy to be downsizing by ALOT.Most of our friends are wanting MORE space.
Have a pain free day,