Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Yes,i am still among the living

It has been a while since I've had anything to say huh?!!

Dr.Oro's office finally called today concerning my spinal MRI.He says there is something going on in there but wants to wait to really say to much until he comes back from the ASAP conference next week. I am supposed to e-mail the nurse next Friday and see if he learned anything new about tethered cord and what he wants to do with me. I am supposed to continue taking the Flexeril since it is helping with the tightness in my neck but nothing was discussed about the UGLY pressure headaches I get. So,I will continue to hurry up and wait.
I have 2 second interviews this weekend for nanny postions and 1 first interview.One of the second interviews I don't think is going to work out~1) because she isn't wanting the nanny to start til Nov.She is due with her first baby any time and 2) she is paying so much less than the other 2 are offering.I don't want to make may decision based on money alone but she isn't paying even what I am making now.Second interview #2 is about 35 minutes away from me but she is my kinds person~ya know what I mean?~and she is paying $700 per week~yes $700~ that is $300 more than I make now.My biggest concern with her is that they move often with her husband's company.First interview #3 is about 20 minutes from me in a very beautiful home and neighborhood,they are looking to pay $50 per week more than I make now which would just cover the gas.So-what to do??? All I know for sure is that I need to get out of this apartment.

Nicole sold the house and all the kids have new clothes this week.She is leaving in the morning to go to Mexico for a wedding so I have the middle child Alma for a little over a week.
The husband is going to take the plea offered and spend 10 to 13 months and than be deported never to come back to this country. We'll see about that!
Take care all and feel well.
Nanny Lolo

Monday, July 14, 2008

had a good weeked

We had a nice weekend and I hope you all did too.
Friday night we didn't do anything. Saturday morning Sierra treated me to a pedicure.We went out to the mall and she bought some tennis shoes for school,we got a couple of smoothies and just hung out.Michael and I later went to the Plaza and walked around and ended up at the Cheesecake Factory. We went over the drink menu and tryed several different drinks,had dinner,ordered cheesecake to go and came on home and put our pj's on and enjoyed!!!
Yesterday we skipped church.We went to breakfast and to the store.I fixed Michael dinner last night and we just relaxed all day.
I have been feeling well the last couple of days.The Flexeril is working well for the most part.
Having a few new bladder issues so I am going crazy waiting to hear that Dr.Oro has reviewed the MRI.I know the office got it this time because I got notice in the mail it was delivered.
I have a couple of nanny interviews set up for this week.I pray that one will work out.
As much as I hate to admit this~we may not of done the whole apartment thing had we known I was going to do as well as I have.Providing care to the little darlings is hard in such a small place.
We still very much enjoy being here and it is much easier to take care of just not a lot of space for the kids.
Enjoy your week!!

Friday, July 11, 2008


It's Friday!!!
Got some rain going on outside right now. I love the rain.
Kim at Dr.O's office contacted me yesterday and said they are thinking the headaches are possibly an air bubble in my head which they say is common after surgery and the body will absrob it. So at this time they don't want to do any thing with it. I tracked the MRI cd and it says it has been delivered so I hope I will hear something about it next week.
Going to breakfast with my small group from church in the morning than Michael and I are going down to the Country Club Plaza. He got a gift card from work so we are going to see if there is any thing we'd like to spend it on.There is a Cheesecake Factory down there~yumm~ so we may grab somehing to eat and people watch.

Poor Nicole~ her situation contiunes to get worse. In yesterday's paper there was an article about her husband~he is in some trouble.He is being charged with several things and looks like he will be spending a lenghty amount of time in federal prison. The fines he could face are over 1 million dollars.What I am findng out is that Nicole herself could face some trouble for knowingly marrying him and his being an illeagal.My mother seems to think I could also be investigated for providing care for the kids.I don't know if this is true or not but I certainly don't want any trouble.Going through this with her is enough. So with that and the fact that I am finding it ~we'll say uncomfortable to provide childcare in the apartment I am looking into seeking a nanny type position in someone elses home. I don't mind a little more one on one,light housekeeping and even baking.I'll let ya know if anything comes of this.
Have a super weekend!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

hangin in there

Things are going well here.
Michael and I got up a little early this morning to go for a walk. It was really nice out at 4 am. We had about a 20 minute walk. Around our apartment there are sooo many pretty flowers and trees and they smell so good. It as really nice to get some fresh air.
I haven't been sleeping well so I am thankful I even got up for the walk.
I am on my second day of the Flexeril. It does seem to help some with the tightness in the neck area. I haven't heard back from Dr.O's nurse about the headaches and hand pain.The ankles are a mess too!! As I think I've said before my hope is that some of the things I am feeling again (still) are either because I am only 5 weeks out or the tethered cord.
I mailed the spinal MRI and paid to have it tracked so I can see where it is and the office will have to sign for it and than I will get something in the mail that they did get it. It cost a little more but I wanted them to have it before I go back in August.
Nicole did sell the house and she has until next Tuesday to turn over the keys as the buyers want the house that soon. We told her we would help her move out this weekend if need be.She says she is going to put things in storage and stay with her grandma until the 15th of July when the husband is sentenced and than she will decide what to do depending on how long he will have to spend in jail here. She was able to go see him last night.I am going to keep the middle daughter (she has 3 kids) for a week while she goes out of town. I hope I am up for it.
I pray everyone has a great pain free day,

Monday, July 7, 2008

Dr.Oro's office called

Oh my gosh~finally I hear from them.I was writing in my little journal I keep that I update once a week with how I have been feeling and suddenly the phone rings!!
Very cool.
For the head,neck and shoulder pain and tightness I am having they want me to try Flexeril.The headaches are more in the front of my head now so Kim (the nurse)wanted to talk to Dr.Oro before doing anything with that.I told her I put the spianl MRI in the mail she said "oh your the one whose MRI we misplaced".She said it was pretty important to come back for the 2 month post-op check up so no more waffling back and forth over whether or not I am going to go-I'm going to go!!
Has any one tryed the Flexeril before?
Nicole (with the deported husband) said this morning that the couple that made the offer on the house-they all finally came to an agreement until the inspector came and found some mold in the basement.Still up in the air for her but they want her out by the 15th.They are running out of time.I did tell her that I wasn't feeling real good about just hangin with no real time limit on the kids leaving or anything,she said she thought she'd look at apartments cause they could still be here awhile.No one knows much til he goes to court on the 15th.If anyone out there reads this and knows anything about how this stuff works I'd love to hear from ya.
It's another hot one out there today.I guess the mail will stay out there awhile cause me and heat don't mix well and it is a bit of a walk to the mailbox.Maybe I will take a walk in the morning before work.
Take care,

Sunday, July 6, 2008

It is awful outside

It is soo thick out there.I am so thankful I don't have to work outside.I used to be cold all the time,since the chiari I am always sooo HOT so one of the blessing of going back to childcare is not having to get out.
Nothing going on.
The 4th of July was nice.We were with Sierra and Chuckie and his parents.The weather on the 4th couldn't of been more perfect.The rest of the long weekend was spent going to the store,cleaning the house and going to church.After church today about 16 of us went to lunch at a Mexican place.YUMMMM!!We have one couple leaving next Sunday for Russia to pick up the little boy they are adopting and another group leaving for Asia on a mission trip.They will be gone 16 days.
I have no more news concerning Nicole and her husband.After hearing of some of the things that the group going to Asia may endure and the things the group that just returned from Africa had to endure I have to say I am sorry for the things Nicole is going through but I can't hardly believe her when she says she HATES this country.I think her move to Mexico may be a real eye opener for her.(just for the record I would say this to her face so I don't feel this is gossip).I think she said her husbands court date is July 15th and the charges are~coming into the country illegally as well as idenity theft. I guess because the name and number on the green card were made up. I'd like to think I am getting the whole story but maybe not.My main concern is the kids.
I called Dr.Oro last Wednesday.I haven't been feeling great.The headaches and the hand pain and tingling were something I wanted him to be aware of and of course I wanted to know if he had any suggestions.No one ever called me back. I'd like to think they'd be a bit more concerned since I am just a month out from the decompression but maybe not.I did go get the second copy of my spianl MRI and will send it off tomorrow and see if I hear anything back.
A little bit busier this coming week since Jayde will be back full time. Alma is doing so good with the potty training I hope and pray Jayde will follow her lead.
Take care and good night.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

oh my gosh

Okay so ya all know of Nicloe and the whole moving to Mexico with the deported husband.
She put her house on the market Saturday,showed it for the first time Monday night.The people made an offer yesterday wanting to have the house by the 15th of July (yes July) if Nicole of course accepted the offer. I love Nicole and the kids but I also have to think about myself so I thought I needed to get moving finding some new daycare darlings so I posted a child care ad on Craigslist. In no time at all I had 2 people asking about my services 1 of which I am interviewing with on Friday.I was feeling fine thinking I had had a good productive day and ready for Nicole to tell me she was going to be giving me notice. Well instead of notice and losin the kids I find out they may end up being here a while. Instead of deporting her husband they have moved him to a prison and are charging him for coming into this country and this being his 3rd offense. He will be spending SOME time here in prison. She did make a counter offer on the house and now I still have no idea what is going to happen. Not only that ~ a little girl that I was not expecting to come back until August is coming back TODAY!!!! God is good yes - I just wish sometimes things were just a bit easier. The lady I am interviewing with Friday would only be part time but part time for 3 kids so if I take them on I could have 9 kids on any given day UGH!!
The sunburn is no longer burning so that is great. Other than the hands tingling and feeling like I have a rod shoved in my head I think I am doing good and I hope you are too.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

no reply people

I can't answer your questions if you don't leave an e-mail!!