Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sorry it has been so long

Well alot has happened since my last post.
We as of today are finally settled in to our new apartment. We did get the Hillcrest resident manager position. Alot of work still needs to be done here before we will have residents but it will all come together.
The day after we found out we did infact get this position my mom took herself to the hospital and very long story short~she has lung cancer. The tumor is the size of 3 softballs and grows daily. This small cell cancer is very aggresive and rare but her smoking has not helped anything. We hope to have until Christmas with her but it looks less likely with each passing day. Chemo will only by her a little time. Just this weekend we moved her in with my grandparents because she can no longer work and needs care.
I leave in 4 weeks~I think~ for my TC surgery and I hope and pray nothing happens to mom while I am gone.
It's time to forgive! I don't want her to go and we have any unresolved issues.
I think we have done well. Trying to work fulltime, be here on the Hillcrest property,Take care of my mom and myself was becoming very stressful and I know it will be stressful for my 80 year old grandparents but I think through all of us we will get it done.
I am so thankful for the support I have from our church family.
Just wanted to give a bit of an update.
I will try to stay in better touch.
With love,

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chiari said...

What is TC surgery?