Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Did I tell you about my blue toes

I guess it has been a few days since I've posted. Well I have a few things to share.
I noticed a little over a week ago that my toes were turning blue. Between Michael ,mom and myself we kept an eye on them and decided that it was happening whenever I bent my knees like to cross my legs or sit indian style.Michael being a diabetic couldn't take it any more and took me to the Dr. They said I am not getting enough oxygen to my feet and that the blood is going down but not coming back up. Ok fine~ what do I do?? The doctor said it will probably continue to happen until I have my TC surgery and really didn't seem to concerned. Dr.Oro has been out of town so I haven't heard from him so I guess I'll just have blue toes and not worry.
Ok~another totally awsome thing is going on.
Our church sponsors a transitional (sp) housing program called HillCrest Ministries. The program just bought 1 city block in Kansas city Kansas (about 10 minutes from where we live now)There are 2 houses,2 duplexes and 4 ~4 plexes. The program is just starting in this new area and they need a resident manager team (michael and I). I am in a Sunday morning small group with Paul who happens to be on the board of this program and asked if we would be interested in the position. Can any one say YES!!!!! Anyway we went and saw the area and where we would live~in the duplex~2bedroom 1 bath kitchen all that stuff for $100 a month.
We spoke to our pastor and he already knew. Paul had spoken to him. We spoke to the associate pastor who guess what~ is on the board with HillCrest also. Any way we have to meet tomorrow night with the director and if it is a fit we move in ASAP.
This is soooo cool on so many levels.
We would be able to get back into missions ministry which we haven't been able to do since I got sick
We would be serving the Lord.
We would so be able to get out of debt with only $100 rent payment
We would be able to get out of my moms
We would be helping others and making new friends
I could go on an on but I will stop there.
We meet with ~Shawn~tomorrow night at 5:30. Tomorrow is also our 10 year wedding anniversary.
Is this a God thing or what.

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